[Marxism] Kerry Statement on Venezuela

Chris Brady cdbrady at sbcglobal.net
Mon Mar 22 22:17:49 MST 2004

Kerry fans like to invoke the "JFK" initials, along with the
Massachussetts connection to add a dash of spice to Kerry's relatively
staid political persona.  Less mentioned would be that the two JFKs
share an association with gross wealth.  Many on this list are aware
that the Catholic Kennedys supported "Tail-Gunner" Joe McCarthy's Red
Witch Hunt --with substance.   And also that John Fitzgerald baited
Vice-President Nixon in their election contest with being soft on
Communism.  An elitist antipathy to socialistic politics may be another
trait shared by the two JFKs.  The Presidency is due for a change in
management, that's all.  Some US capitalists have made out very well
with the Bush gang, but US capitalists in general may be coming to
perceive them as a liability.  What more reliable replacement than John
Kerry?  His recent pronouncement on Hugo Chavz only confirms his

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