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Charles Brown cbrown at michiganlegal.org
Tue Mar 23 09:37:31 MST 2004

From: Waistline2 at aol.com

What describes the fundamentality of change in this era that is different
from the era of the shattering of the colonial system and the transformation
of the neocolonial structure into an interactive web of finance capital, is
the changes in the technological regime, on whose basis the modern edifice
of speculative capital was built and won dominance over the world total
social capital.


CB: Speculative capital seems a form of super-finance capital. It has been
ascendent since the early 1900's. A recent and main qualitative change in
the life of speculative, finance capital is the fall of the SU and the
socialist nations. This opened up large new areas of proletarian labor for
exploitation that had been denied to the vampires for decades, and made the
WHOLE world capital's oyster , once again, as before 1917, including the
removal of the threat that any more countries would be taken out of
capital's field of exploitation, and the loss of resistence to capital
penetration in "non-aligned" nations. Most of the threat that industrial
technology would be expropriated in revolutions was eliminated allowing the
speculators to significantly remove political considerations in making
foreign investments. In other words, Speculative capital just (circa 1990)
got a big bonanza which was also a qualitative change in its freedom of
movement ("trade").   

The qualitative change in the technological regime ( revolution in
communications and transportation) which allowed the territorial scattering
of the points of production more widely around regions, countries and the
globe : would it have resulted in the current surge for the transnational
corporations if there was still a socialist group of nations and variously
independent , former colonial countries ? Je le doute. I doubt it.

Related but different point: I keep thinking that it is not the best way to
describe this historical development as in some sense the end of
"industrial" whatever, because the new technological regime is actually
hyper-industrial, with the chip revolution and the rest of the current
lurches in the scientific and technological revolution " layered on top of
industry" and augmenting industrial production ( machines etc.) rather than
overcoming it. There is not less mass production today, but more. The
technological regime should be named super-industrial, not post-industrial. 

The new speculative capital might be defined as Imperialism in the World as
a Socialist Free Zone. 

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