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Related but different point: I keep thinking that it is not the best way to
describe this historical development as in some sense the end of
"industrial" whatever, because the new technological regime is actually
hyper-industrial, with the chip revolution and the rest of the current
lurches in the scientific and technological revolution " layered on top of
industry" and augmenting industrial production ( machines etc.) rather than
overcoming it. There is not less mass production today, but more. The
technological regime should be named super-industrial, not post-industrial. 


Sounds good to me. For the past three years been trying to figure out how 
best to describe this "thing" all of us have our hands on. It took a while to get 
past the whole "event horizon" description. Then there was our long 
discussion of the industrial process. DMS would go after the same thing on the basis of 
the organic composition of capital - value versus price, in the production 
process using steel and oil as gages. 

Been reading "The Hydrogen Economy" by Jeremy Rifkin for a week and have 50 
pages left. It is an easy to read book with lots of data, but I have 
encountered incredible conceptual barriers. In my opinion this guy is fairly insane 
without a clue and utterly bourgeois.

When we come to power - :-) one of the first industries to be literally 
brought down is the auto industry. History is going to be rewritten to explain 
Henry Fords great crimes against humanity. The automobile industry is the premier 
destroyer of the earth and the premier signature of industrial capitalism. Not 
simply as the great polluter, by the vision of the bourgeoisie made manifest. 

I do favor a high tech solution - fuel cell power plants, for what every cars 

Yea, hyper-industrial does explain the grafting of a new technology onto the 
existing industrial infrastructure and pathways of the entire system of 
production. It seem in theory it is only at a certain stage in the evolution of the 
process that the existing pathways can no longer be expanded or modifeied and 
would have to be restructured or give rise to q new qualitative development. 
The advent of the airplane did not change the ancient system of roads but 
created its own pathways. 

What the hell I know. 



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