[Marxism] Yassin assassination

Chris Brady cdbrady at sbcglobal.net
Tue Mar 23 11:47:36 MST 2004

Western governments and editorials give the impression that the leaders
of the imperialist centers are distressed over the Zionist murder of
Yassin.  They warn that such exercises do not lead to peace.  Let us
leave to the side for the moment whether or not they practice what they
preach, as we examine the probable outcome of this extrajudicial
slaughter of Yassin and eight "others"--who, by the way, do not seem to
matter to the big shot critics.  Those worry-warts predict an escalation
of conflict and bloodshed in the Israel/Palestine region--as if such a
prospect was contrary to the expectations of the neo-Jabotinskyites in
power in the Likkud.

The current Prime Minister of Israel participated in quite successful
terrorist purges of Palestinians during the early stages of the colonial
occupation of Palestine.  We should be certain not to make Sharon the
fall guy, though.  Israeli Prime Minister Begin and then Prime Minister
Shamir provided him with excellent models.  The repeated election of
terrorists by the Israeli population also indicates, to some, that the
Jewish settler state along with its entire people are keen perpetrators
of terrorism.  Israeli citizens therefore emerge as logical targets of

The historical record indicates that Palestinian retaliation will
emphasize the victimization of Jews by irrational, bloodthirsty
Arabs-with the willing complicity of the Press of the West that
generally focuses on the "innocence" of the one side while emphasizing
the guilt of the "other".  Palestinian retaliation will provide Zionist
leaders with further pretext to kill yet more "irredeemable"
Palestinians, disrupt Palestinian power and autonomy, and justify the
"national security" state and the military-industrial complex that
under-girds the Zionist economy.

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