[Marxism] What other world is possible? (Dialectic of transition)

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>Either this is your way of insulting the working class throwing in a
vicious stereotype, or this "demand" reveals a deep personal problem. I
suspect the later, given the non-sensical flow of your subsequent prose.

So, in your opinion programs are crap. Let's just shout "abolition of
private property" and wait for the spontaneous working of social

Thanks for your contribution.

Don't bother replying. I will have no more time to waste on silly brats
like you. 


You have the wrong idea concerning what was stated. I am a communists but I 
was also a trade union leader in the UAW and did 30 years. I wrote from a 
communist standpoint and not that of an abstract man fighting on every front. I was 
also Executive Board member of the American Writers Congress. Also Executive 
Board member of the Detroit Coalition of Black Trade Unionists. Also editor of 
the Southern Advocate in the early 1980s. Founding member of the League of 
Revolutionary Black Workers. Founding member of the Communist League. Founding 
member of the Communist Labor Party. 

My point is that writing a grievance is the same for anyone, but I choose to 
speak as a communists. 

The fact of the matter is that in Cuba the workers get their government 
allotment of "drink." 

Programs are not crap but the program and greatest programmatic document of 
the world communist movement is contain in the Communist Manifesto. 

I also did significant work - in my opinion, with the Liberation Theology 

The point for communist is not the creation of a perfect programmatic format 
outlining various fronts of struggle according to ones conception, but rather 
winning the vanguard - the leaders, in the various fronts of struggle to the 
vision of communism. 

For instance several years ago I wrote about the water struggle emerging in 
Detroit on this list and the intense struggle taking place with the School 
Board in Detroit. There I sent a sample of an electoral leaflet written for a 
person running for City Council. 

It is not a stereotype to say that the workers would like free beer. One can 
always ask the workers themselves. 

Abolition of private property is no abstraction. It is the urgent question of 
the day. The program of Communists has always been abolition of private 
property. The various slogan's of the social movement are temporal. Read the 
Communist Manifesto again, for the first time. 


Melvin P. 

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