[Marxism] Hungary 1956

Einde O'Callaghan einde at gmx.de
Tue Mar 23 13:45:46 MST 2004

Louis Proyect wrote:
> H. Rakovsky wrote:
> "I suggest reading David Irving's book "Uprising" where he goes to 
> Hungary in 1986 and gives many first hand accounts. His own perspective 
> sympathizes with the Hungarians, not the Russians. He characterizes it 
> as an uprising, not a full revolution."
> This name might ring a bell. It is the same David Irving who was sued in 
> a holocaust denial case in Great Britain. I have heard, however, that 
> his book on Hungary is valuable and free of the bias that would 
> eventually manifest itself. Ken McLeod vouches for it, for what that's 
> worth.
David Irving is a well-known British Nazi and Holocaust denier and I 
would regard anything that he had written with the utmost suspicion, 
even if Ken McLeod - a writer for whom I've got a lot of respect and 
whose books I like a lot - vouches for it. The resume given by the OP 
doesn't make me any less suspicious since as far as I can see it's 
fairly typical Irving anti-semitic bullshit, i.e. the Jews are to blame 
for everything

I must say I'm also very surprised that Louis hasn't nixed this 
discussion - indeed has participated in it - as I would have thought it 
to be one of those themes that rapidly becomes bogged down in the 
Stalinist vs. Trotskyist "debate" that Louis usually bans from the list.

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