[Marxism] Never a defeat in sight

Philip Ferguson plf13 at student.canterbury.ac.nz
Tue Mar 23 21:37:07 MST 2004

Mark L wrote:
> It used to be a standing joke at the edges of SWP membership that the
> Barnesites and their adopted allies officially never lost ground on
> anything anywhere on any matter.  Every setback and defeat and
> disappointment was always dialectically related to the next upsurge.
> (Tony again demonstrates that you can take the man out of the SWP but
> you can't take the SWP out of the man.)  

I recall the British Barnesites declaring, on the day the miners went 
back to work in 1985, that the miners had won!

Of course, they had actually suffered an historic defeat which finished 
off the NUM as a union (only a few thousand working miners remain in the 
NUM today) and it finished off union resistance to Thatcher.  It was the 
bleakest period in British working class history in decades.

Some of my best mates in London left the Barnesite faction in the IMG 
just after that, having concluded that these people were actually 
*crazy*.  Or, as Jose so memorably puts it, dwell in a parallel universe.

Philip Ferguson

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