[Marxism] We have nothing in common; lawyer'd say balk a while

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Tue Mar 23 23:19:27 MST 2004

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> Jeff,
> You write, "stop sending me your fucking funny 'double-barreled'
> ripostes . . . Please grow up; I have other things to do."
> My dear fellow, you get my posts for two related reasons:
> 1) You subscribe to a list of which I am a member with a right to post.
> While publicly complaining of having to read my posts, you also write me
> accusatory private emails, which--as I have warned you repeatedly--will
> be forwarded to the list. (See attached.)

Oh baby, you're making a hash of all sorts of things; grown men conduct
correspondence when they have an issue with each other, as is legally
rather than calling out "boys" with whom they have no more definite
community of
interest to admire their squeegee work.  But more importantly, never do we
definite left-wing opinions issue from that box; only attacks on myself
and others
buttressed by "corrections" from a professional expert on running with
skizzors.  I think you are a joke, and a very unfunny one; I told you I
wished to have no
more contact with you and really don't; you are amply documenting your
personal conduct
as far as I am concerned, and to all appearances it is of no very high
standard.  So
for goodness' sake, please familiarize yourself with the realities of such
before pimping the people some more: I would bet good money that everybody
reading you now has a sense this is not a demonstration of *sensus communis*.


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