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Einde O'Callaghan einde at gmx.de
Wed Mar 24 01:29:07 MST 2004

Ozleft wrote:
> Ignorance and amnesia on Marxmail about the Hungarian workers' revolution
> in 1956
> By Bob Gould
> The Hungarian Revolution in 1956, which was the culmination of the
> extraordinary year of upheaval in the Communist movement precipitated by
> Khrushchev's Secret Speech exposing Stalin's crimes, was along with the
> Secret Speech the defining political experience for hundreds of thousands
> of people in and around the Communist movement, including myself at the
> age of 19.
> The ignorant, nostalgic, semi-Stalinist way these momentous events have
> been treated on Marxmail in the last 24 hours defies belief. Someone has
> managed to find a book by the subsequent Holocaust revisionist David
> Irving about the Hungarian revolution and is using this to imply, just as
> the Hungarian and Soviet Stalinists did way back then, that the uprising
> had a fascist aspect.
> That's rubbish, and can only be sustained by ignoring the vast literature
> on the events and the lead-up to them, much of it by eyewitnesses or
> participants, many of them Communists.
I can only say: hear, hear! You've managed to express my misgivings when 
I read the OP in a much more elegant way than I could do at the time. I 
look forward to the bibliography and article you are going to post.

You can find Peter Fryer's account, "Hungarian Tragedy", at Rolf 
Vorhaug's site. the URL of the pamphlet is: 

You will find Balasz Magy's account, "Budapest 1956: The Central 
Workers' Council" on my site, REDS - Die Roten, at 

Einde O'Callaghan

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