[Marxism] Re: Hungary 1956

Len Walsingham lha.walsingham at btopenworld.com
Wed Mar 24 05:49:47 MST 2004

	It isn't that Irving's 1981 book 'Uprising!' is being used to
imply that the Hungarian events of 1956 had a fascist aspect. Some

1) Irving is a fascist and notorious revisionist 'historian'. He
published a Hungarian version of 'Uprising!' last October and spoke in
Heroes Square, Budapest to promote it -- which shows how bad things have
got over there now. In the West his book was a flop and he is scorned.
What he tries to show is that 'communism is Jewish' and the wrongs in
Hungary are another aspect of the communist, Jewish conspiracy etc. etc.
He does this because he is a nazi and this is what nazis do. He also
wants to promote his books. I don't know how anyone can entertain this
for five seconds.

2) The Irving promotion reminds us of the anti-semitism present in
Hungary and other east European states now and in the 'socialist' past.
Sometimes anti-semitic books slipped through the system and were
published. They clothed this as attacks against Zionism, of course. An
interesting parallel to the way Zionists declare anti-Zionist books and
politics to be anti-semitic.

3) The events of Hungary 1956 did have a fascist aspect. I would not say
it was the dominant one but it was present. Anyone who says otherwise is

4) No one defends the Rakosi regime. Even official communism denounced
and removed him long ago. It was probably Yuri Andropov, who was Soviet
Ambassador to Hungary at the time, who was instrumental in getting
Rakosi out. He spent the rest of his life in the Soviet Union, where he
died in 1971.

5) These events are now nearly 50 years old and while interesting do
nothing to advance our cause now. Western anti-communist mills and old,
orthodox Trotskyists might find some mileage in selling books about it
but there is nothing really new to know. If anyone thinks they can
advance the cause of socialism today by re-examining Hungary in 1956 I
think they are mistaken and effort is better spent elsewhere. Hungary's
problems in 1956 are not ours today and we are not going to win the
current generation going over all that. It is time to leave it behind.
Unfortunately some of you seem to have plenty of time for it.

"The moving finger writes and having writ moves on
Nor all thy piety or wit shall drag it back to rewrite half a line
Nor all thy tears wash out a word of it."

			- Omar Khayam


> The ignorant, nostalgic, semi-Stalinist way these momentous 
> events have been treated on Marxmail in the last 24 hours 
> defies belief. Someone has managed to find a book by the 
> subsequent Holocaust revisionist David Irving about the 
> Hungarian revolution and is using this to imply, just as the 
> Hungarian and Soviet Stalinists did way back then, that the 
> uprising had a fascist aspect.

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