[Marxism] Two sources for the 1956 Hungarian revolt

lshan at bcn.net lshan at bcn.net
Wed Mar 24 07:06:22 MST 2004

At the recommendation of Paul Montauk, a long-time leader of the Socialist
Workers Party in the San Francisco Bay Area, I read two books on the
Hungarian Revolution. They were "13 Days That Shook the Kremlin" by Tibor
Meray and "Revolt of the Mind" by Meray and Tamas Aczel. I am interested in
opinions you may have on these works. If Louis has completely shut this
topic down, please contact me off-list.

BTW, the Hungarian Revolt followed by the British, French, Israeli attack on
Egypt over Egypt's seizure of the Suez canal were key elements in the rise
of the New Left and subsequent events in the 1960s. The fact that both of
these events happened in the same period opened up the late 1950s. Articles
on the new campus activism began even before the famous HUAC events in San
Francisco in May 1960.

Brian Shannon

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