[Marxism] Re: Hungary 1956 (GDR as state caps)

Len Walsingham lha.walsingham at btopenworld.com
Wed Mar 24 07:30:45 MST 2004

Even under hostile takeovers the most of the management, below board
level, would usually remain. But what this is is the concept of the GDR
as a 'state caps' society -- Chris Harman's, editor of Socialist Worker,
so-called 'sideways move'.

This 'theory' explains nothing; bypasses some of the great events and
conflicts of the 20th century and is believed by no one outside of the
SWP. But then, to some, the SWP is life, the universe and everything.


> > But East Germany is an exepcetion from that rule: Most of 
> the leading
> > personell in the economy and the administration was 
> imported from the West.
> > 
> That is true. there was what you could call a "hostile take-over". 
> Something similar takes place when one capitalist corporation 
> takes over 
> another.

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