[Marxism] Virginia Judge Quits After Racist Comments

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The Virginia Judge is the personifaction of the wicked Eugenics movement
which took place in the first 1/2 of the 20th century in the US and was so
eloquently writtne about by Edwin Black, in his book 'War against the weak.'


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> Virginia Judge Quits After Racist Comments
> by Jeremy Lazarus
> Special to the NNPA from the Richmond Free Press
> 3-20-04
> RICHMOND, Va. (NNPA) - Facing disclosure of racially charged comments that
> he had written on the Internet, Judge Ralph B. Robertson is quitting the
> bench after 19 years of hearing criminal cases in the city General
> Court.
> The veteran, snowy-haired jurist has stopped hearing cases, went on sick
> leave and filed for retirement, which will be effective April 1. He threw
> the towel after the Free Press notified him of plans to publish an article
> about the disparaging views he had expressed about Black people over the
> past few weeks in participating in an on-line chat room.
> In his wide-ranging conversations on the Internet, Judge Robertson, among
> other things, approvingly endorsed the notion that "African-Americans are
> prone to crime and violence because it is in their genes" and supported
> words of another chat-room member defining some minorities as "people who
> have no regard for sanitation, courtesy, private property, etc."
> Specifically, Judge Robertson also criticized the intellectual integrity
> Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and described the Rev. Jesse Jackson as "a
> and liar." He also used the same words to describe the Rev. Al Sharpton.
> In addition, he slammed the civil rights movement, calling it " the scam
> (is) and was."
 point is caused by difference in DNA."

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