[Marxism] What other world is possible?

João Paulo Monteiro jpmonteiro at mail.telepac.pt
Wed Mar 24 12:52:53 MST 2004


your demands are excellent. do you have any thoughts on how you might go

beyond them to inspire a kind of religious passion..perhaps in tune with
or some creed to generate passion beyond economics..the civil rights
used biblical prophets like jeramiah to achieve the passion i suggest..

joe dubovy


No, I haven't been giving any thoughts on that.

The fact is I am experiencing great difficulties just to get my essay
published here in Portugal. And it hasn't received much feedback in the
fora in which it has been exposed. I guess people look at it as a
meteroryte of some strange sort of alien matter and don't really feel
tempted to approach it.

I have a english version that could perhaps be published with a little
editting, but I don't have a clue as to who might want to publish it
(Monthly Review?).

As far as things stand at the moment, what I am concerned with is in
finding ways to get these ideas known and discussed by serious activists
and scholars in the left of the alter-globalization movement. And
getting people interested in this discussion, brainstorming all around.
After all, this is about that other world we have all been shouting
about. Is it possible? Well, I assure you it won't be possible at all
unless we can find ways to devise and discuss it. That´s what I've been
trying to do for about a year now but people seem to think I'm a lunatic
playing flute up and down the hills.

That's what's worrying me. How can we trasform my ideas into a new Red
Book is really beyond me at the moment.

João Paulo Monteiro

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