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>Judge Robertson, among other things, approvingly endorsed the notion that 
"African-Americans are prone to crime and violence because it is in their genes" 
. . ."

Specifically, Judge Robertson also criticized the intellectual integrity of
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and described the Rev. Jesse Jackson as "a thief
and liar." He also used the same words to describe the Rev. Al Sharpton.

"My heart and my deepest apology go out to the black community of the city
of Richmond," he stated. "I want them to understand that I have never done
anything in my court that has ever reflected racism. I have made many
friends in the African-American community, and I hope they will accept this

"I am not a racist," he wrote in a separate message, "I am a racialist. The
difference being I don't discriminate against an individual, but I do
recognize the fact that there are a lot of differences between races which I
assume from a biological stand point is caused by difference in DNA."

"Personally I like a country where morality has a meaning. We have had more
people killed in the city I live in by minorities in the last 15 years than
ever were supposedly lynched. When do they get through being even?" he wrote
in another message.

"When I was younger, I participated in the civil rights movement. It was the
motto then of just give everyone an equal chance. . Then I started hearing,
well what else is whitey going to give us? Then it became a call for
reparations . The things that so called bigots pointed out - illegitimacy,
lack of sexual morality and every Black man wanted a white woman. I thought
all of that was a bunk of stuff designed by bigots to preserve the old way.
I don't guess I have to tell you what I think about their promises now.
Every one of them has come true. . I have long since removed myself from the
civil rights movement and generally see it for the scam that it (is) and
was." <


Rally Comrades for the last fight we face. The International Shall Be the 
Human Race! 

Back in 1917, when Joe Hill cried out "Don't Mourn Organize," these words - 
slogan, match the need of that era. This slogan does not match the need of the 
21st century. American society is composed of organizers in every facet of our 

What is absent in a scientific concept of class, wealth, power and a 
rudimentary understanding of why society exists in the form that it does today. The 
organizers amongst our diverse peoples are already fighting back and organizing 
on countless levels. One needs consciousness to go on the offensive. 

A scientific explanation means explaining why you are broke and have less 
money. The answer is because "that mutherfucker over their go all the money." How 
the man with all the money got it is another level of discussion. 

What is absent is the consolidation of the educators of the class. Educator 
is almost the singular reason for the existence of Marxists and communist 
workers. The idea of waging "the class struggle" has to be hurled from its lofty 
heights and made concrete.  Winning over the leaders of various facets of the 
social struggle - people already fighting back, is the meaning of winning the 
vanguard of the proletariat to the cause of communism.

The cause and vision of communism is not a theory or stale ideological 
category. Communism means meeting urgent daily needs of a swelling section of the 
proletariat unable to make ends meet by selling its labor power. There is a new 
world wide social movement taking shape unlike anything any generation of 
communist worker and Marxist have experienced. 

Formulations - doctrine, of the pass are useless. We face what Lenin faced 
and have to completely overthrow the Leninists form and assume our place in 
history. The Marxists and communist workers in the imperial centers finally get a 
chance to battle our way into history. 

Judge Robeson crystallizes a dying ideological framework and we have to grasp 
as the death throes of the bourgeoisie. 

Locating our place in history is important. 

People more than less younger than 60 years old have been under an unending 
and relentless barrage of anti-communism, which in our history is tightly 
linked with white chauvinism. This ideological attack against communism was largely 
successful, not because of anything taking place in the old socialist camp, 
but because it was fused with a rising standard of living in the country. 

The Civil Rights Movement combined with Soviet Power broke the back of 
ideological white supremacy and bourgeoisie property was compelled to shattered the 
barriers that held the African American people on the land. The Civil Rights 
Movement involved infinitely more than blacks in the same way that Emancipation 
and the Civil War involved infinitely more than the black slave. 

The bourgeoisie in on the defensive but he is retreating forward. We are not 
yet on the offensive because our line of march has not been clarified and 
grasped. We communists and Marxists of all persuasions are not do-gooders but 
agents of change. We overthrow our own history as the precondition to overthrow 
history as it existed. 

What happended in the past in laymen terms? 

When thinking and social activity is linked with rewards, most people become 
Pavlov's dog. Pavlov experimented with behavior. He would hit his dog and then 
fed him. The dog got conditioned to want to be hit in order to be fed. If we 
get hit and not feed our first response is to go back to be hit again in the 
quest to be feed. 

Our class and peoples are going through a first response. 

The reason communism belongs to the future is because bourgeois property 
cannot be maintained on the basis of paying for people - feeding them, that are 
not part of the system of profit making. The majority of people are to one 
degree or another in the Pavlov process. 

This time around conscious revolutionaries have a window of opportunity 
through which we can struggle to win the minds and hearts of the peoples of the 
American Union. We underestimate the American peoples and get stuck in our own 
history. People in American are in no hurry to justify one man possessing $50 
billion dollars and the single mom with three kids being thrown on the streets. 

The bourgeoisie is trapped by history and must resort to ideology to explain 
the polarity between $50 billion and no food stamps or housing allowance. The 
bourgeoisie has conceded - during this election year, that it cannot employ 
people on a level to insure their economic survival. 

Judge Robeson Christian fundamentalists/white chauvinists ideology is 
unsustainable because an increasingly large section of the Anglo American people are 
catching more hell than we care to admit. 

It sounds petty but our task as communists, where ever we find ourselves is 
educator. The problem is property. The solution is abolition of property. Not 
Soviet socialism or what was in fact industrial socialism, but the abolition of 
property. This has to be formulated in a million and one different ways for 
the new abolitionist movement to take place. 

A whole body of literature is needed focused on the most poverty stricken 
sections of the Anglo-American workers - with pictures. 

"They always bit their masters." 

Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are a dying breed. The day of the peculiar 
phenomenon called the black leader is over. What demands can bourgeois leaders 
raise on behave of the proletarian African American mass that is not the demand 
of the most poverty stricken sector of the proletariat without regard to color?

The black bourgeoisie is utterly reactionary and calls for more jails of the 
proletarian masses. The black bourgeoisie faces its greatest crisis since 
Reconstruction. Black fucking fascists. 

Ideological forms by definition lag behind the changes in the mode of 
production. This is no excuse to not prepare to man the barricades with goddamn books 
and well thought out propaganda not a program with a thousand demands. 

The thousand demands arise as the spontaneous movement of the proletariat 
itself and we recruit these people with their programs to the cause of communism. 

Win the vanguard of the proletariat to the cause of communism - abolitionism. 

We finally got the bourgeoisie where we always wanted him . . . between a 
rock and a hard place. Marx was so correct. 

His fall and the victory of the proletariat is equally inevitable. 

Melvin P. 


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