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Haven't got time just now to write about the transition to socialism. I
meant to write a book about it, but since my life was messed around with so
much by too many patronising meddlers without my consent, I haven't
got round to it and couldn't find the peace to write it.

Personally, I have zero income at the moment and debts, and only
a tiny bit of pension. So as for me, my earnings
have to start yet, I have to somehow get the cash together yet. Sometimes I
think I cannot be bothered anymore, stuff this rotten, demeaning life, but
anyway that's the challenge. All I can do here is make a few short remarks.<


I read your response very quickly and am in no mood to respond. 

The first order of business is staying alive and restoration of health. 

Surrender is not an option. Your expression of resigning is rejected. Another 
alternate route is to be sought. 

Send your address. I haven;t much but always has a hot $20.00 Yankee Doodle 
dandies in the ole pocket. Consider it a loan to be paid back with the 
publication of one of those damn books. 

Better yet, give me a decent discount on the books to be published and I will 
get back my own twenty. Really, I will go get the money order today and a 


Melvin P. 

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