[Marxism] Moroccan Jewish leader condemns killing of Shaikh Ahmad Yasin

Jurriaan Bendien bendien at tomaatnet.nl
Wed Mar 24 14:33:18 MST 2004

Wednesday 24 March 2004 - A leader of Morocco's Jewish community has
condemned what he describes as the "arrogant" killing by Israel of Hamas
founder Shaikh Ahmad Yasin, calling it "an act of bestiality". Simon Levy,
secretary general of Casablanca's Jewish community, also accused the United
States of "implicitly justifying" Yasin's assassination, in a statement on

"The assassination of Shaikh Yasin is an act of bestiality, but worse still
is the incredible arrogance of (Israeli PM) Sharon who claimed
responsibility for the crime in the name of the war against terrorism," said
Levy. "Is there any terrorism worse than state terrorism?", he asked.

Levy pointed out that Washington included the resistance group on a list of
"terrorist" organisations. "Is the organisation which killed (former Israeli
prime minister Yitzhak) Rabin [on 4 November 1995, in Tel Aviv] on the
 list?" asked Levy. Morocco's Jewish community, which once numbered more
than 200,000 people, now consists of about 4,000 who live mainly in large
cities such as Casablanca.


(Hamas leader Abdel Aziz Rantisi (56), a pediatrician, was the leader of
400+ Islamic militants exiled to Lebanon in late 1992 by premier Yitzhak
Rabin. Missile-firing IAF helicopters struck his car in June 2003, but he
survived with a leg wound).

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