[Marxism] What other world is possible?

Cnyadp at aol.com Cnyadp at aol.com
Wed Mar 24 14:42:32 MST 2004


i may have a book published in a year,..i will include  a digest of your 
program..i agree,  it is a starting point for discussion...i'm a believer in 
asking for the stars to get  the discussion started then  settling for less 
according to what people feel is more pragmatic..my book will touch on science and 
how  it introduces a socialistic value system that  makes each individual an 
essential part of greening the planet and ultimately the galaxy.. in this social 
blueprint your  agenda could be a valuable starting point for discussion of a 
social program. science and cosmology could be the inspiration or the catalyst 
for achieving the goals you propose..


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