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Thu Mar 25 05:17:49 MST 2004

U.N. Prescribes Nutrient-Fortified Foods
Wed March 24, 2004

By CHRIS HAWLEY, Associated Press Writer

UNITED NATIONS - The brainpower of entire nations has diminished because of
a shortage of the right vitamins, and slipping nutrients into people's food
seems to be the only solution, a new U.N. survey says. To fight the problem,
the United Nations (news - web sites) is prescribing a whole pantry of
artificially fortified foods: soy sauce laced with zinc, "super salt" spiked
with iron, cooking oil fortified with vitamin A. Deficiencies in these
vitamins are having alarming effects in developing countries, even ones
where people generally have enough to eat, said the study, released

A lack of iron lowers children's IQs by an average five to seven points, the
report said. A deficiency in iodine cuts it 13 more points, said Venkatesh
Mannar, president of the Micronutrient Initiative, which produced the report
along with the United Nations Children's Fund. Birth defects increase when
mothers don't get enough folic acid, and a shortage of vitamin A makes
children 25-30 percent more likely to die of disease. "So ubiquitous is
vitamin and mineral deficiency that it debilitates in some significant
degree the energies, intellects, and economic prospects of nations," the
study said.


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