[Marxism] Additional note on Mr Bush's bankrolling for terror in Israel

Jurriaan Bendien bendien at tomaatnet.nl
Thu Mar 25 07:36:45 MST 2004

As regards Mark's Congressional data set on total US government assistance
to Israel, the table he provides for 1949-1996 (which other authors have
extended to 2003) doesn't actually specify whether the dollar amounts are in
constant dollars (i.e. inflation-adjusted dollars) or in current (nominal)
dollars. This often happens in US statistics, i.e. they do not label
statistical tables or graphs correctly, so even if the data is accurate,
it's not clear what it measures.

Because Mark simply adds up the yearly dollar amounts, you'd think they were
in constant dollars, but looking at this again, I doubt this, which really
means I should check his calculation assumptions, and may need to adjust the
figures he provides for inflation, using a CPI index to get an indication of
the real dollar values involved.

Also, Mark's data suggest, that in reality the US government has in total
provided more military aid to Israel since 1949 than civilian aid, and
consistently more military aid than civilian aid since 1987, a trend which
will be exascerbated in the future, simply because civilian aid is being cut
back (by contrast, the bulk of European government financial aid to
Palestina consists of civilian aid).

That's just to say that, if people wonder why Israel has the 5th most
powerful army in the world and a hefty stock of nuclear missiles and other
weapons of mass destruction, the reason has less to do with the innate or
genetic capacity of Jewry to win fights, but rather with gigantic financial
backing for the Israeli Defence Force, and with the fact, that this army
gets "lots of practice" (an army is of course ultimately only as good as its
real combat experience).

Meanwhile, the American lolley scramble just keeps on streaming in to
Israel, giving people plenty reason to fight for a bigger slice of the pie.

While Mexicans are ruthlessly beaten back from the Southern US border and
deported by the immigration police, the US Foreign Relations Authorization
bills meanwhile commit $50 million a year to settle Soviet and other
migrants in Israel, and more hundreds of millions of dollars in ESF and FMS
have been committed through the Foreign Operations Appropriations Bill for
all sorts projects from resettlement to research centres.

In other words, while there's hysteria about illegal immigrants in the USA
itself, the American taxpayer is meanwhile funding the resettlement of
foreign nationals from one foreign country to another foreign country !

Would you believe it, the US Government even funds the "Center for Human
Dignity Museum of Tolerance" in Jerusalem, even although, if Hamoked is to
be believed, many Palestinians living in Jerusalem wouldn't even get an
Ausweis from the Zionist police to visit it !

No wonder the US Government has a gigantic debt problem. It's doling out
enormous sums of money which not just benefit only corporations and
sectional private interests, rather than the American population, but in
addition it gives away enormous sums to private interests overseas, for
which it obtains no tangible return or benefit at all and which promote more

To understand how the 9/11 incident was a bonanza for the US weapons
industry, see for example:

The politics of the Bush administration is essentially a politics of fear, a
politics of cowing people into submission. The more frightened people are,
the more they invest in weapons, and the more weapons they have, the more
fear there is, that those weapons will be used. In turn, that is a powerful
stimulus for military accumulation, which means that resources are shifted
away from developing the means of production and consumption to means of


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