[Marxism] Marxism and America

Steven Zangetsu at iafrica.com
Thu Mar 25 09:01:33 MST 2004


Thanx a lot for the welcome^_^, sorry i didnt reply directed, but my
computer got formatted.

I have been wondering, what do you all predict after America in one way or
another finds out it cant continue with capitalism, bearing in mind the
circumstances in which this realisation would be rendered....

I am finding it hard to see an alternative outcome from lots of bad things
happening.... America has almost a culture of anti socialist attitude. This
great fear came to me when i discovered the rebilious spirit of young people
are channeled into the obivious ploy that consumerism is (I mean the
mainstream symbols of rebileon work for record labels- and no one really
listens to the words, even if they do sometimes possess the right message. I
have often thought it would be better for these people not to portrait
themselves as fighting the system, cause then their supports would have to
actualy do more than supporting their band to furfil the almost evolutionary
force in young poeple to step back and see if the sociaty needs rebelion or
a new take on things....).

Well back to my main point; i dont think America is capable of embracing the
left by the time America's leadership will be finding someway to save "the
American way of life".... infact most of my fear and doubt stem from
thinking America's leadership will be within many statis quo restraints in
his own mind... Could this lead to facism, or more blatant imperialism,
physical take overs, america does have 50% of the worlds military power (or
something like that), perhaps they will exploit this position (as they have
exploited their economicly power poisition in economic imperialism). Im not
sure America has a stomach for that though, ecnomic imperialism is so much
more subtle... but as I have said before I dont think they will go quietly
into socialism, or perhaps im being very closed minded. Can 50years of
conditioning be overcome when your current system is falling apart, but of
course thats not how the spin doctors will put it. And America seems to be
fairly immune to the truth behind the  rhetoric it has been subjected too.
Could they not make a case for whatever they come up with for a solution for
their failing capitalism, even if that is taking over large portions of some
part of the planet, or making a slave state... to someone who doesnt
understand why capitalism is failing (which very simply tells you what you
need to do to fix it), things like this are perhaps possible?

What are your insights on this? Am I being paraniod?

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