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Aristide’s removal
Your coverage on Haiti in the March 22 issue takes an off-base stand 
downplaying the nature of Aristide’s removal from power and even 
provides some gratuitous and unwarranted credibility to the “lying with 
truth” of a U.S. embassy stooge, Luis Moreno.

Contrary to your editorial, Aristide’s abduction to the Central African 
Republic by the U.S. government is emphatically the issue—the ultimate 
evidence that this was a U.S.-controlled coup, and who, U.S. or Guy 
Philippe, began the revolt is not the issue.

Your editorial expends its energy (at great length) pointing out that 
Aristide was just a capitalist figurehead and squanders an opportunity 
to come down four-square on the side of democratic rights and rule of law.

In “Socialism and Democracy” [a 1957 speech], James P. Cannon says, “We 
socialists…have all the more reason to value every democratic provision 
for the protection of human rights and human dignity; to fight for more 
democracy, not less…. The Marxists…have always valued and defended 
bourgeois democratic rights, restricted as they were; and have utilized 
them for the education and organization of the workers.”

Aristide, pathetic figure that he is, is still the figurehead of 
democracy in Haiti, and his and Haiti’s democratic rights deserve 
defending. When Aristide says he was abducted, one can reasonably take 
him at his word. The actual facts of his removal and supposed 
resignation are out there, and you should report them and support them. 
Save your distance-taking from Aristide for another article.

Russell Dupree Freeport, Maine

[Editor’s note: The March 22 Militant editorial incorrectly downplayed 
the importance of the fact that the elected president of Haiti was 
forced out of the country and sent to the Central African Republic by 
U.S. armed forces. The reader is right in pointing that out. The 
coverage in the last two issues of the Militant has corrected that error 
(see front-page article this week).


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