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Paddy Apling e.c.apling at btinternet.com
Thu Mar 25 13:11:36 MST 2004

In England we have been subjected on the media over the last few days to the
results of a so-called "polling" of the population in occupied Iraq,
purporting to show that a huge majority of the population "supports the
occupation" on the basis that a large majority of those polled (whoever they
were - and whoever did the poll) said they were "better off" since the
invasion and "felt safer" than under Saddam.

This leads me to the comment that this kind of news item does little else
than show the complete naivete of the American occupiers - what would you
expect as result of a poll made by Nazi occupiers of France in 1941/2?  Who
is going to say to a journalist/pollster seen as representing the occupying
forces "Of course, it is worse than before - and all I want is for you to be
forced out"?

However, as an amateur historian, I recall that (a) the forces of Napoleon
Bonaparte, who saw themselves as liberators of Europe from the oppression of
feudal kings and emperors were suprised by resistance to their occupations
arising in the cities and countryside of Germany and Italy - and even more
with the reception they found in Russia where they expected to be
"liberators of the serfs" - and (b) the dire results which finally arose
from the imposition of "socialism" on the defeated countires of Eastern
Europe such as Poland, Roumania and Eastern Germany by the Red Army.

Mind you, as to (b) above I do not see what alternative was open to Stalin
in view of the obvious fact of the open hostile intentions of the US in
1945......  though I do strongly regret his acceptance of the partition
(such a useful dodge of imperialism - cf. Ireland and India among others) of
Palestine and the establishment of the fundamentalist/theocratic state of
Israel - the noxious results of which have dogged the latter half of the
20th century and seem to be doomed to continue without end.

At least Blair and Straw have seen fit to condemn Sharon for his latest
murders (in rather controlled tones - but still contrasting from the tacit
[or complete?] support of Sharon by Bush and his cronies) - and one cannot
help wondering if Blair's visit to Libya (that leading member of Bush's
"axis of evil") has just as much to do with oil (which Libya can supply to
UK while all the other oil suuplies are so rigidly controlled by the USA) as
Bush's invasion of Iraq !!!   Are these straws in the wind that Blair is
reading the signs that he must separate himself from his attribution as
Bush's poodle ?   After all, Britain is just as much a victim of US
imperialism as every other country of the world even if its governments have
been consistent apologists for US policy ever since 1945 - and this is felt,
even if not openly expressed, by the majortiy of the population of these

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