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>The cure for addiction generally seems to be: (1) recognize patterns of
excess and basic symptoms; the addict must admit to being powerless over a
habit making his life hell.   (2)  identify the precise nature of underlying
problems (3) devise and act out a plan to work through the problem, rather
than escape it.  (4) take steps to stop the addiction itself and provide an
alternative to it.<


I agree with the sum total of what was presented on addiction and obsession. 
The above four points of course presupposes withdrawing from that which is 
being ingested and digested into the metabolism, which in turn produces the cycle 
of addiction. 

Food addiction is more complex because one cannot become addicted to food. 
What one becomes addicted to is wrong foodstuff. 

In the late 1980s and early 1990s a tremendous philosophic battle erupted in 
the "substance abuse" community in the states over the addiction concept. In 
fact I met my wife in combat over questions of modality. At the time she was 
the chief therapist and one of the administrators at the Elmhurst House, a 
substance abuse program catering to black men. The Union had negotiated a "jobs 
training program with the auto giants that allowed laid of workers to be paid 40 
hours pay working in community organizations and contained a provision that 
allowed workers with over 10 years seniority to volunteer for the layoff to keep 
the less seniority workers employed who did not qualify for the program. 

I volunteered for the lay off - and the weekly check which was never late, 
and went to work at the Elmhurst House as an "intake worker" and then a 
substance abuse counselor. My wife to be absolutely disagreed with the modality 
pioneered by Alcoholics Anonymous - "friends of Bill W," and this would drive me up 
the wall. Her contention was that the 12 Step Program of AA was based of 
Anglo-American middle class conception of the addition process and were not 
applicable to black males in particular, although (the great "although"), it 
contained a method any counselor could use who chose to. 

To this very day, she maintains it is a cardinal sin to pronounce oneself an 
alcoholic (Hello, My name is Bill W. I am an alcoholic) - instead of a human 
being suffering from addiction, because it sets in place the wrong 
physiological concept of the self. 

We fought for the first six months because I thought it was a 
misunderstanding of modality. Without question Bill W. and Doctor Bob were middle class; the 
former a stock broker the latter a Doctor. My point of view does not deny 
class but the fact of the matter is that these men were dying of alcoholism - Dr. 
Bob did in fact did of alcoholism, and they created a modality that allowed 
them to live. The four points above summarizes the AA modality. 

A careful reading of AA literature is merited for those involved in this 
field of struggle as workers. Bill W. deploys the concept "the real alcoholic." In 
his "12 Step and 12 Traditions" he deploys the concept of "hitting bottom." 

Memory fails me at this particular time but I read a massive text by a Soviet 
Doctor - a woman, on Alcoholism who deploys the substance of the concept of 
"the real alcoholic." In my experience - which was somewhat substantial, most 
of the clients were not "real alcoholics" but on the path to becoming real 
alcoholics. The addiction process itself - as a living evolving process, created a 
certain basis for the debate over modality. Most men and women before 30 
years of age do not "hit bottom" because their "bottom" has not yet been defined 
in terms of ones life cycle. 

I support and advocate the modality of AA, although it has been 
institutionalized on the basis of bourgeois profit making. AA literature required careful 
reading and their social organization - meeting forms, are worth taking a 
second look at. The 12 Step movement in America cycles perhaps two million people a 
year. There are lots of phony and ignorant writers on the 12 Step Process. 
Hence, an "Emotion Anonymous," which does not deny that the modality of the 12 
Step process has its own validity. 

Only a "wrong eater" can become alcoholic. The issue becomes complex because 
one has to exist in the right environment to "eat right." Environment means 
social and material and have access to "sun food." My treatment of this is as a 
historical question dealing with man and environment. Modern alcoholic is not 
the substance that the biblical Noah drank when he left the ship to go about 
the task of rejuvenating mankind. Even in the Biblical text Noah is scorned by 
the Gods (plural), for making "burnt offering" or cooking and consuming flesh. 
The connection between wrong consumption and spirits - alcohol, is present 
even in this ancient and crude form of materialism. 

Alcohol - spirits, has played a role in human history that makes no sense 
without the prism of biological man as he consumes from his environment - 
literally ingest and digest. It can be proven by any human being on earth that with 
the purging of the body of wrong food the body rejects alcohol spontaneously, 
because it is toxic. 

The story deepens with the advent of sugar and its wide use in Germany in 
beer making. The midwives fought against added sugar to beer as a fermenting 
agent and called this process "sophisticating." To "sophisticate" is to add an 
unnatural inorganic ingredient to an organic property. The midwives were defeated 
in a charge lead by the Church and burned at the stake as "witches." Modern 
industry revolutionized the process of distilling and "sophisticated" it. 

Alcoholic originally broke up the unnatural foodstuff in the human body and 
allowed the passing of the bowels. Hey, the Italians drink much wine to loosen 
the impact of the "heart attack on a plate" eaten in the loftiest of "fine 

My brother is a Chef and says, the contribution of Italy to world food is 
"sauce" and sauce is an invention to cover up rotten meat. Don't get me food the 
worse food on earth is that of the African American - so-called "Soul Food." 

Pardon, but I am about to get stupid. 

"Soul Food !!!" 

Soul Food has to be that, which is in harmony with the earth and its 
metabolic process. The real slave diet was fruit and vegetables stupid mutherfucker . 
. . not McDonald's and Kentucky Fried - or rather Popeye Fried Chicken. Who 
but a wretched human broken and spirits and deprived of nutrient eats 
"chitterlings" - pig intestines! 

On a side note: this "fat black Mama" in the kitchen cooking and wobbling 
through the house, should be understood on the basic of what your eye tell you 
and suspend philosophic interpretation.  

"Uncle Ben Rice!!" 

Fuck Uncle Ben.  Human being cannot eat rice and be healthy or attain blood 
pure reasoning. One must investigate exactly what rice is. And this rice - held 
up by the bourgeois/imperial government of Japan as a national treasure, is 
the diet for a substantial part of humanity. We are dying in ignorance and the 
communist revolution for me does not mean a dry Marxism but science. I have to 
fight things out on the basis of how history presented the question on the 
subjective plan and only step forward to advance when the door is open. 

To do other wise is to break the connection with the masses. You opened the 
door of addiction. I could write a book on rice. Garbage. Rice and fish!!! 
Investigate the question form the standpoint of what the Japanese government and 
people have written on the historic poor eyesight of the Japanese people and 
their program to attain more mass, in line with the peoples in the imperial 

See, man the metaphysics of properties but no one else is their on this like 

The Irish and the potato - and drink.  Don't get things twisted because I am 
going to eat and drink with my Irish Brothers and we all go to hell. 

My point is simple. We have not collective reason a conception of the 
irreducible unit. Man is addicted to wrong eating which has its own logic and this - 
like the alcohol that came later, is the "grand Daddy of all addictions." 

Obsession is somewhat different and this was my philosophic difference in the 
battles that took place in the mid-80s and early 1990s. 

Anne Wilson Schaef led the charge with the book "When Society Becomes An 
Addict." Before that she had wrote "Women's Reality" and later the "Addictive 

My politics set me at loggerhead with her premise and my life experience - I 
had just recovered from a serious injury using the Macrobiotic diet and read 
"Acid and Alkaline" and my woman of the time (second wife who remains my closet 
comrade) was spending all my dough of flying in "medicine men" from Africa 
and every place else to cure her man. 

I did not evolve a Marxist conception of addiction because I think that a 
Marxist conception of addiction is absurd. What exist is a materialist conception 
of addiction and within this realm the battle is fought. Some grasp the 
dialectic of the addiction process and other do not see it as clearly. 

Bottom line. 

You did not state your weight. I am going to lose 25 pounds and look like an 
Ethiopian Refugee to most Americans. 

Maybe, I need - with your help, to start the "Stop Keeping Everything All of 
the Time Movement." 

My suggestion for a slogan is "Stop Eating and Live." 

Read communism ain’t Marxist ideology and winning this one is going to be 
very difficult with the Marxists. 

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