[Marxism] RE: America's Love of the Flag

Calvin Broadbent calvinbroadbent at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 26 05:39:06 MST 2004

When I live din Boston for three months in 1998, I can remember being 
shocked at the amount of American flags being flown from people's homes 
(especially proliferating as one reached the suburbs). Dare I say, America 
is one of the most 'patriotic' (sic) nations in the world. Creepy.

Louis Proyect wrote:
>Last night as I watched coverage of the Bipartisan Commission on
>terrorism chaired by Bob Kerrey, the war criminal ex-Senator who
>currently runs the New School University with an iron fist, I was bowled
>over by the garish, rhinestone-studded American flag on Madeleine
>Albright's jacket. This was not a postage-stamp sized pin, but something
>about the size of a bar of soap.

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