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This is my soup and I cheat because I am seeking transition and to get rid of 
the fat. 
1. Cellery
2. Carrots
3. Onions 
4. Canned - yes canned, corn and string beens. 
5. Stewed tomatoes - yes in the damn can. 

You thought at this level of destruction of the earth we were going to go 
outside and pull all the nutrient from the ground? 

6. I use a tomato base because I have watched too many reruns of the 

7. I used "De-Monte" so-called "Traditional Spaghettis Sauce" as a base and 
not "buoy cubes" because all of the fellows give up taste in their early 


I start out with a half a pot of distilled water. Then slow cook the brew. 

Eliminate bread and sugar from your diet. The key concept is that this is a 
transition diet. 

The difficulty is that the bourgeoisie has thrown on the world market fruits 
and vegetables that appear as real food. Real food contains within itself its 
own internal seed of reproduction or it would not exist in the first place. 
The eye cannot discern the difference. The body can tell the difference. 

We need to withdraw from consumption beginning with all the wrong food stuff. 

Damn, a communist "diet program" for the imperial centers might just win the 
masses over. Especially the women. 

Victory to the workers in their current struggle means doing what is in front 
of you/us. We do not have to struggle to create a "program."

One can go in the other direction and eat lots of salad. This acts as a broom 
to cleanse the bowels. 

Dieting is a boom industry in the American Union. I had no idea this would 
emerge as an important front of struggle twenty years ago. 

In the former colonial world the question presents itself backwards as the 
lack of food, which really means the lack of nutrients. 

We face a crisis of overconsumption. The solution is presented in the 
question. Stop consuming beginning with wrong food stuff. 

Karl Marx suffered horribly from wrong eating - lack of nutrients. 

The culture of alcohol in Russia and the former Soviet Union has everything 
to do with the cold weather, wrong eating and very little to with public 
property relations. 

Science has to solve this question for us. All I can do is try and present 
the question in its historical evolution and context. Profound questions of 
science are involved beyond my range - intellectual ability. 

I do know that feces is dead - inorganic, matter. The body - metablism, does 
not convert organic matter into inorganic matter, but rather absorb organic 
matter into cell structure. One purges themselves of this dead matter and no 
longer produce what we call feces. I know this for a fact - not theory, because I 
have been there. 

Obesity has arisen as an important front of struggle. A life and death 
struggle. 35 years ago I thought the workers would somehow march out of the factory 
and in unity with large sections of society, somehow over throw the bourgeois 
order. I was wrong - horribly wrong and still within the anarcho syndicalism 
deviation within Marxism. It took me twenty-five years to get out of this 
tendency and that is why I criticize it - starting with myself. 

Melvin P. 

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