[Marxism] Oregon County Bans All Marriage

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>Confused by the twists and turns of the US gay marriage issue, 
Oregon's Benton County has decided to err on the side of caution and 
ban all weddings.

Until the state decides who can and cannot wed, officials in the 
county have said no-one can marry - even heterosexual couples.<



Communism is objective. Marriage as an institution is in the process of being 

An era of communist revolution has opened. 

No more child support based on the individual and catering to men because 
they have money. Marriage as it exists is an economic institution. Marx was 
correct. Abolition of property and with it its various social forms. The state has 
no right to have any say so over human unions. 

The state and government has the responsibility to ensure the economic 
survival of all and this cannot be withheld because of ones Christian, Islamic or 
any other belief system. If the government can spend $400 billion on war it can 
feed - meet the nutrient requirements, house the poor, ensure the education of 
our children and provide urgent medical care to everyone regardless of wealth 

Wow . . . this is big. 

Melvin P. 

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