[Marxism] First-Class Expose of Distortions in Bourgeois Mediaagainst Chavez

Jose G. Perez elgusanorojo at bellsouth.net
Fri Mar 26 11:23:13 MST 2004

A couple of comments.

First, this article, although otherwise very good, makes the argument
hard to follow by speaking in terms of "votes" when in fact what is
involved, as a close reading of the article itself makes clear, are
signatures on petitions. Whether or not there will be a recall
referendum, a vote, is what is at stake.

Second, the article notes the use by corporate media reporters of
"diplomatic sources." First, "sources" is always misleading. It is
usually one person. Second, "diplo" sources or "western diplomatic
sources" are always U.S. The rule is you either must hide the host
country (and say "U.S. diplomats in the region") or the country the
diplomats represent ("diplomatic sources in Venezuela.")

But as a rule, diplomats from other countries are differentiated thusly:
"Latin American diplomats,"  "European diplomats" and so on, so that if
you see barenaked "diplomat" it means U.S.

"Observers" are a similar phenomenon. That means the writer. Rather than
*honestly* telling the reader, this is my view, it gets attributed to
these nebulous omnipresent "observers."


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