[Marxism] The Militant criticizes Spanish imperialism, too

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Fri Mar 26 11:23:11 MST 2004

THE MILITANT not only criticizes March 20, they're on the
warpath against Spanish imperialism, too. Give a looksee:

The call by the new social-democratic prime minister of
Spain to put the thousands of foreign troops in Iraq under
United Nations control instead of direct U.S.
administration would change nothing about the character of
the occupation. The Iraqi people already have abundant
experience with the corruption and brutality of the UN in
maintaining murderous economic sanctions against them for a
decade, systematically laying the basis for the U.S.-led
invasion last year. And working people from Korea to the
Congo and beyond can testify to the true face of
imperialist occupation carried out under the "command" of
the blue helmets.

The pro-Spanish imperialist anti-Americanism promoted by
the new social-democratic government, far from being
"antiwar," is a deadly prowar poison for working people. 
It is being used to politically hitch workers, farmers, 
and youth in Spain to the interests of their exploiters.

FULL: http://www.themilitant.com/2004/6813/681301.html 

Others foster illusions in the Spanish social democracy:

And not just in the daily papers, but Fidel himself, too:

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