[Marxism] Shifting genres in media/"pop culture" and the shifting SSA of Monopoly Capitalism/Imperialism

Craven, Jim JCraven at clark.edu
Fri Mar 26 11:44:13 MST 2004

Does anyone know of work being done to analyze
emergences/passings/dominance of various genres in media/"pop culture"
(content, scope, impacts, sponsors, target demographics, revenues,
linkages, methods of competition etc) and the shifting SSA and SSA
requirements of Monopoly Capitalism/Imperialism?
For example, I find this "criminal forensics genre" interesting.
Starting with "Quincy" in the early 1980s and up to the present CSI, CSI
Miami, Cold Case, Crossing Jordan, Law and Order Criminal Intent, NCIS,
etc we see the message of the omnipotence and omniscience of "bourgeois
science" in the hands of the bourgeois state. One little hair, twenty
years later, can get you busted for a crime committed twenty years
prior--or released from prison for a crime you did not commit. Just the
"facts" and the "science" will ultimately drive the law and justice
system and will ultimately win out with sufficient patience and faith in
the system--the system can and will work. Those in the system are
professionals driven by curiosity, a passion for justice and superb
technical skills using state-of-the-art technology. These shows compete
against each other and for expanded audiences by getting more and more
graphic in the gruesome details of autopsies and forensics and by
linking actual cases in the news with story lines (Quincy never showed
an actual body being cut open, now these shows go in exquisite graphic
detail). And for those who dare to commit crimes--or oppose the
system--omnipotent and omniscient technology in the hands of the
bourgeois state (represented by nice guys and women who are just like us
with all their own peculiarities and vulnerabilities).
In the case of the "Reality shows", they are relatively cheap to
produce, focus on trappings of wealth (temporary) like being set in
exotic locales and big mansions, and of course utilize, celebrate,
preach, reward and reinforce: rat-race individualism, greed,
selfishness, intrigue, betrayal, egoism,  narcissism, racism, sexism,
homophobia, social darwinism, hard-body youth, phony patriotism,
Machiavellianism, cut-throat competition, situational ethics,
get-rich-quick, fear, national chauvinism, "civilization" versus
"primitivism", crass materialism, predatory calculations of
cost/benefit, etc etc.
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