[Marxism] Italian general strike

Johannes Schneider johannes.schneider at gmx.net
Fri Mar 26 13:44:22 MST 2004

>From the BBC:

Italian workers on pension strike
Workers across Italy have held rallies in more than 50 cities as part of a 
half-day general strike over the government's pension reform plans. Italy's 
three main unions, which called the strike, say they also want new economic 
policies to fight stagnation. [...]
The BBC's Frances Kennedy in Rome says the streets and piazzas of Italian 
cities were filled with protestors waving red, green and white flags and 
chanting anti-government slogans. She says people from a wide cross-section 
of society - salaried workers, students, pensioners, families and the 
unemployed - joined the rallies.


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