[Marxism] Spain: AlQaeda AAttacks Awaken Old Feuds (Wall Street Journal)

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Mar 26 15:38:48 MST 2004

Walter wrote:
>Naturally, there will be those types who will militantly
>try to discourage Spaniards from keeping up the struggle.
>They'll say "beware"! Zapatero's a no-good reformistical
>social democratic faker just fronting for imperialism!
>But then, there are always people who say that nothing
>can be done, isn't that true?

This is silly. The Spanish Social Democracy is pretty god-damned rotten. It 
got voted out of power because it was carrying out a neoliberal economic 
program, just like fellow Social Democrat Mitterand carried out in France. 
It has also been just as dead set against the rights of the Basques as the 
Popular Front was in the 1930s. Just because Fidel Castro says something as 
a head of state, there is no reason for us to tail-end him. He has somewhat 
different needs than we do. It is not as if what he is saying is wrong, it 
is just not sharp enough.

Louis Proyect
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