[Marxism] The Militant and Who Cares?

Tony Abdo gojack10 at hotmail.com
Sat Mar 27 01:26:44 MST 2004

This list never seems to tire of following what The Militant is up to! The 
Militant and March 20; The Militant and Venezuela, The Militant and Haiti... 
and so on. But who on earth cares?  Does anybody on this list actually 
excpect that the SWP will rise from its self-made grave of the last quarter 
century? So what is the perverse interest in continuing to follow these 
people in this wierd sect?

The SWP left reality some time back in the late '70s.  From being a leader 
of the womens rights movement and the antiwar movemen of that time, the 
ENTIRE organization made the curious decision to begin chasing pots of gold 
at the end of rainbows. The rainbows were community groups like the NAACP, 
and trade unions.

In order to do that, the SWP convinced itself that the antiwar movement 
should only be a solidarity organization with the people of Vietnam, and 
that the women's rights movement should be primarily focused around 
legalizing abortion. That was the real extent of the commitment to the 
issues where they had led struggles.

Instead of broadening the antiwar movement out to demanding a dismantlement 
of the US military machine, the SWP accepted the dismantlement of the 
antiwar movement instead.  And when the womens movement grew in leaps and 
bounds within the confines of the National Organization of Women, the SWP 

That was all a very long time ago.  So why on earth do comrades insist on 
continuing to waste  time and energy on putting the latest scroll of 
Militant bs under the microscope?  Isn't it far time to put this group 
behind us (and everybody else, too)?  To not do so is rather unseemly, and 
gives a character of stuffy and stale irrelevance to this list.  It's just 
almost a sad as if we were following the Socialist Labor Party DeLeonist 
proclamations still.

The SWP is dead, and that's that. The reasons for it should be obvious by 
now.  If not, at least discuss why the SWP died, and not why it is mouthing 
some nonsense or other at any given moment?  Nobody cares about the dead old 
SWP any more.   They went the way of the Hare Krishna in airport terminals.

Tony Abdo

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