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Re: Hungary, 1956


> But what is the use of getting into all this now? You would end up
> spending a great deal of effort to prove what to the satisfaction of whom?
> And for what purpose?

The Talin-Srotsky debate (as late Mark used to humorously call it) is 
 banned on this list, and for many a good reason.

But the debate on the respective weight of imperialist aggression and 
bureaucratic repression in Eastern Europe and its eventual fate is 
still to be broached seriously.  And it is one of the debates that we 
should be trying to wage right now.

The Berlin upheaval, the Budapest rebellion, the Prague rebellion, 
all of these (and Yugoslavia's attempt at a third course) should be 
analyzed together with the conservatism of W. European working class, 
and the general effort of imperialist countries against the Third 
World.  Perhaps these were the forces which shaped the fall of the 
Berlin Wall.

Thus, it is important to understand how much was there of imperialist 
plot and how much of popular rebellion in Hungary, 1956.

Thus, this is far from a closed issue.  And closed issues are not at 
our backs. They lie just in front of us. I don't agree with Les.

If we are ever to think of a policy towards West European workers, we 
must also think of a good and honest explanation of what was _our_ 
role, and the role of W. European workers, in the whole European 
drama of the second half of the 20th. Century.  Disbelief in 
imperialist intervention in Eastern Europe was an important fraction 
of that role.  Thus we got where we got.

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