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> The struggle of the people in these slums is "a struggle to become
> exploited".  Sooner or later, they will discover that they can only
> become "exploited" under a different social system. It is our task as
> revolutionaries to help them arrive at that conclusion.
> They have no relation whatsoever with the "bribed tool of
> reactionary intrigue" that Marx and Engels spoke about. They are not
> necessary, not even for _that_.  I am very much afraid that the
> bribed tool, today, lives in the First World, and sometimes it may be
> a blue collar.


In my opinion this is extremely correct. Read Jurrians article on World 

The organized workers in America have generally and historically been the 
best paid - bribed. The real bribery of the working class and the Anglo-American 
people is a reality and conception rejected by several generations of American 
Marxists. The general basis of the "theory" rejection of the fact of material 
bribery is to try and examine the pay envelope of the workers against the 
profits of the capitalist in a particular industry. 

For reasons of American history, the Marxists of which I am a part posed the 
question of bribery on the basis of the African American National Factor 
(Question). This in turn produces its own distortion because the African American 
people are bribed relative to their counterparts in say the Philippines. 

We in the American Union are in the most imperial of all imperial centers and 
the fight for a Marxists conception of imperialism - to implement the 
Leninists doctrine, has been extremely difficult, if not impossible. It has to be 
acknowledged that Marxism was defeated in America for very real reasons that is 
the imperial bribery of the Anglo American people in particular and all 
segments of the population as they exist in relationship to their counterparts in the 
world market. The basis of this history of bribery is being rapidly eroded. 

White chauvinism is the historic ideological form that bribery of the Anglo 
American people took. The brutal edge of this white chauvinism is being 
supplanted by an aggressive national chauvinism. The national chauvinism expressed 
towards the Southern - plantation area, whites in the American Union is avoided 
by Marxists in the American Union like the plague. No one discusses the 
history of the Slavic workers versus the immigrant workers from say England or 
Germany. A blind eye is turned to the Irish workers, who in history were paid less 
than the black workers in the North. Here is why I enjoyed the movie "Gangs of 
New York." 

The complexity is ignored by omission. 

The lumpen proletariat of which Marx speaks is a strata formed in an entirely 
different historical period, that is characterized as the transition from 
agriculture to industry. Marx speaks of "organ grinders" - not pan handlers, and 
a mass of proletarians pressing against the bourgeois system of production. 

In America no Marxists worth their salt can call the African American people 
peasants because the sharecroppers was liquidated from our material history 
with the mechanization of agriculture. Posing the question in this form produces 
a distortion but there has been no other basis to fight out the question as 
exposition. I periodically indict the Anglo American people and charge them 
with historic crimes against the African American - lynching, church bombings and 
meeting appeal for justice with bloody violence, but this produces another 
distortion because we are actually talking about the world total social capital 
and how the wages for reproduction are dispensed by capital. 

Ask the Haitian communists if their destitute and poverty stricken and aids 
inflicted people are the lumpen proletariat? The concept of the "first world," 
and "third world" and other such nonsense blunts the question of the class 
complexity of material bribery, which has been radically eroded in America. 

This concept of the communist class is difficult because there has always be 
a superfluous population - superfluous to bourgeois production. What is not 
grasped is the dialectic of change. The army of unemployed becomes the communist 
class with a change in the means of production that describes a new era in 

No one denies that the industrial working class is being destroyed by 
capital. This destruction is taking place on the basis of changes and shifting of 
means of production to say China. Comrades have not seriously studied their 
dialectics in the historical presentation and those who for varying reasons where 
anti-Soviet - anti-Stalinism, confuse the subjective Stalin period of history 
with the objective Stalin period and block their own understanding. 

On the other hand my expositions tend to be to "economic" and determinist in 
exposition.  No one in the imperial centers will argue the question of the 
material existence of the communist class in twenty years. We have been slugging 
out this question - non stop, for ten years and starting to make headway. 

The damn unionized workers in large industry are not going to overthrow 
anything. Not because of their subjective intellectual disposition, but because 
they can't. Yes, we work in trade unions and amongst the workers who constitute 
the trade unions. Working amongst the workers who constitute the trade union is 
not the meaning of trade union work. This is why the communists of the Third 
International evolved the concept of street units and neighborhood 
associations versus a trade union fraction. 

I seriously means we must overthrow the Leninist form but not his methodology 
and approach to insurrection. We cannot proceed form old doctrine.

The question of obesity is huge in America and the Marxist and communist 
workers have not caught up with this burring issue.  Comrades write me privately 
about this issue because we are still seeking a form of struggle based in 
outdated concepts. One ends up talking about a "Communist diet plan" which is a 
distortion but what else can one do? 

At this point I believe the conception of the communist class has taken root. 
Not because of the unrelenting political struggle or theory brilliance but 
the material facts of life. What the heck is a jobless recovery? What is 
expanding production and expanding profits with a diminishing industrial class? 

The bourgeoisie does not argue against the communist class thesis - only the 
ideologists, but rather takes a position to "kill everyone and let God sort 
them out." 

Planet of slums - proletarian slums is accurate. This is not a peasant mass 
pressing the industrial system in formation. This is not a class of organ 
grinders, pimps and castaways that emerged in the process of the formation of the 
industrial classes. The goddamn lumpen proletariat in America is Snoop Dog, who 
made it big in the music industry. The freaking dope man and not the welfare 
recipients. Being on the dole does not magically transform one into a lumpen 
proletariat. Isn't such thinking a deviation on the Women Question and a bunch 
of white chauvinism in America? 

At base there is a misconception of the historical process that appears as 
"wrong" ideology. 

What has paraded as Marxism in America was nothing more than rank 
syndicalism. This is also a historical question that is rooted in the formation of our 
industrial working class in the North of the American Union. 

It took me twenty-five years to purge this syndicalist crap from my head. I 
think my sizable paycheck had something to do with it. :-)  And yes, the white 
workers loved my black ass. They would say, "nobody wants to hear your 
communist shit today." 

"Can you get me some overtime work?" 

We have to admit our objective history and logic and abandon philosophic 
formulations. The communist class is very real. And it is the American 
contribution to the treasure house of Marxism. World communism will adopt this 
formulation because it is concrete and the obvious. To be a Marxists is to be a master 
of the obvious and to unravel this "obvious" on the basis of Marx method. 

The commodity form is unraveling. Who on earth is going to buy all of that 
shit advance means of production is producing? Working 24/7 in the imperial 
centers would fill the world market in two months. This is most certainly not the 
time of Marx or the Paris Commune or Lenin's Russia. 


Melvin P. 

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