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Last Release: Saturday, March 27, 2004
Israel, Suicide Nation
| M. Junaid Alam |
Politics, being the art of deception, must certainly recognize Israel as 
its Da Vinci. Its smug self-portrait as a 'civilized democracy', 
rendered with brushes dipped deeply in the oil paint of antipathy for 
Arabs, has won much admiration among impressionable Americans. 
Galvanizing and amplifying latent Western hatred of Muslim Arabs in 
order to rally the West under the banner of 'Judeo-Christian 
civilization', and intimidating doubters by abusing the memory of the 
Holocaust to claim special 'unique victim' status, Israel intones, 
'Stand with us because we are white and bomb towel-heads in F-16s just 
as you do, and don't dare stand against us because you once persecuted 
our forefathers and should atone for your sins - by abetting ours.'
http://lefthook.org/Politics/Alam032704.html - (Read full)

A Canadian Look at U.S. Healthcare
| Yves Engler |
Watching the U.S. presidential campaign get under way from north of the 
border, I sometimes feel like shouting "It's healthcare, stupid."
While the economy will always be an important issue, one reason for the 
current "job loss recovery" is rising health costs. Companies prefer to 
increase existing employees' hours, even if they have to pay overtime, 
rather than cover new workers' health insurance.
http://lefthook.org/Politics/Engler032704.html - (Read full)

Reflections on Welfare
| Morgan Southwood |
I don't understand why there's so much public outcry against welfare.
I myself come from a somewhat comfortable upper working-class 
background. I attend a public state University that is subsidized by 
taxes (federal welfare!). My undergraduate tuition is generously 
subsidized by my relatives (subsidized education!). I live in a little 
apartment that is owned by my uncle, and while I do have to pay rent 
monthly, if I'm a few weeks late I can call him and he will gracefully 
wait for the check without throwing my ass out (subsidized housing!).
Once or twice a month my mother gives me charity food subsidies in the 
form of a little ground beef, milk, juice, and vegetables to supplement 
my starving-student diet of pasta, peanut butter, and cheap beer (food 
stamps!). I paid for my twenty-year-old little beater car myself, but a 
relative fronted me the lump sum at the time of the car's purchase so 
that I could buy it and have a way to get to and from school and work 
(subsidized transportation!).
http://lefthook.org/Culture/Southwood032704.html - (Read full)

The Making of a New Left: The Rise and Fall of SDS
| Geoff Bailey | (Reprinted from the Int'l Socialist Review)
The 1960s marked, for the first time since the 1930s, the growth of a 
mass radicalization in the United States. Mass movements broke the 
conformity that characterized the 1950s, buried the McCarthyite 
consensus which had witch-hunted radical ideas out of American politics 
and gave impetus to efforts to build new radical and revolutionary 
socialist organizations. The achievements of these movements were 
immense--mass action helped to put an end to the Vietnam War and to Jim 
Crow segregation in the U.S. South; the women's movement transformed 
attitudes and eventually won abortion rights. The upsurge of the 1960s 
led to a broader questioning of society and a belief that massive 
change--even revolution--was possible in the U.S.
http://lefthook.org/History/ISRSDSreprint.html - (Read full)

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