[Marxism] Consolidating control

Marvin Gandall marvgandall at rogers.com
Sun Mar 28 09:04:15 MST 2004

The US has taken steps to ensure it controls Iraq through its future army
even after it formally transfers political sovereignty to a civilian
government, reports today’s Washington Post.

The Post says the US is creating an Iraqi defence department modelled on the
Pentagon, and is presently training its top officials in Washington.

The US wants to secure Iraq as a strategic base for its forces in the
region, but the Pentagon has no assurance of what kind of “shared forces
agreement”, if any, it might negotiate with a new Iraqi government - one
likely under the influence of Shia clerics -after planned elections at the
end of 2005.

So “the establishment and staffing of an Iraqi Defence Ministry”, as the
Post notes, “appear aimed at ensuring that the Iraqi military's new leaders
will be responsive to U.S. interests, regardless of what kind of agreement
is eventually reached.”

In the interim, as the New York Times reported earlier this week, the US
claims it has the right to continued military occupation of the country and
command of all Iraqi and foreign units.

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