[Marxism] Re: Argentine Trotskyists shill for torture

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Sun Mar 28 11:21:36 MST 2004

A rather sharp warning, by the way, to anyone who thinks about having a
difference of opinion with the leaders of that outfit!
Fred Feldman

This comes from the op-ed in Prensa Obrera, 842, March 18th 2004.  
Prensa Obrera is the official publication of the "more-Trotskyist-
than-thou"  Partido Obrero.

They criticize Kirchner because, they believe, he has a weak policy 
against the military in the 1976 regime.  And they propose:

" Un gobierno nacional  y popular auténtico ( y no de pacotilla) 
utilizaría la ESMA como el lugar para interrogar hasta que " canten" 
a cada uno de los milicos de la dictadura y obtener de este modo la 
información del destino de esos archivos"

Translation: "An authentic, not cheapskate, national and popular 
government would use the ESMA as an interrogation site to force each 
and every "milico" of the dictatorship to "sing", thus obtaining the 
information on the location of the archives".

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