[Marxism] Another classroom exercise

Craven, Jim JCraven at clark.edu
Sun Mar 28 13:49:22 MST 2004

Tomorrow, when I go back to the classroom, as I have done on other
occasions, each of my classes will be told that during the course of the
term, there will be four key lectures whose content will most definitely
be covered on exams. These lectures will be total bullshit: phony
sources, phony data bases, logical fallacies, math errors, etc and these
lectures will be delivered straight without any indication that the
content is total bullshit. If the students uncritically copy down the
stuff during lecture without checking it out or waiting until the night
before an exam, they will find the "right answer" from their notes; only
the "right answer" will be from one of the bullshit lectures that will
not be correct if they have failed to cross-check what they are being
handed in class. I note that these lectures willl be delivered with all
"sincerity" and note Groucho Marx's axiom: "The two keys to success are
honesty and sincerity; and if you can fake those, the sky is the limit."
Jim C.
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disturbing to me...(Karl Marx, "Grundrisse")

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