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March 29, 2004 -- In this issue:

Note from the Editor:    The new Iraqi Constitution was heralded as a great 
achievement just a couple of weeks ago but they forgot their own Bill of 
Rights. So, the Coalition Provisional Authority, which represents the best 
democratic values America wants to export all over the world, closed Al 
Hawsa, a Baghdad newspaper, for violating coalition regulations. As CNN 
reported on March 28, the paper's "building was sealed, and anyone caught 
attempting to publish the paper could face up to a year in jail and a 
$1,000 fine." Oops, sorry, no First Amendment just as yet. Meanwhile, in 
Washington D.C., the vortex of values and democracy...and civility, 
compassionate conservatives were busy savaging and smearing Richard A. 
Clarke of "We failed you . . . and ask for your understanding and 
forgiveness" fame. Bloodshed in the streets, slander in others, censorship 
wherever, raw materials pilfering...the best democracy money can buy. For 
the rest, there's MasterCard ™!

Money can buy a lot actually, environment included, as Louis Proyect shows 
in his review of Jeffrey St. Clair's imposing book, The Politics of Nature, 
in which he details influence peddling and political machinations that keep 
destroying US natural resources to profit corporate interests (the book, in 
Proyect's words, is "passionately committed to the preservation of the 
animal and plant life that once covered the nation's vast expanse"). 
Looking forward, beyond 2004, Manuel García illustrates how money and 
natural resources will interact when the Boomer generation is confronted 
with either an imperial-fortress America or a more benign socialized 
comity. If history is a guide, guns will win over butter time and again... 
Meanwhile, we'll keep hearing about victory, democratic values, a safer 
world and a stronger America from one administration to the other. Same 
old, same old, and no one seems to understand the need for a third party! 
Milo Clark finely combs the 2000 Bush coup and wishes the Democrats would 
include its undoing in their platform, altogether missing the point that 
the Dems could care less. It's the corner (or oval) office and the perks 
attached to it that they care about.

Case in point, Phil Rockstroh's latest acquaintance, "Commercialla, The 
Patron Goddess of All Whores," finds herself in good company with either 
party; and if it's not one it's the other -- Bush first, James Carville 
(cf. the Carville-Matalin circus) next. Why, oh why does Janice Joplin come 
to mind? The reality, of course, is elsewhere, in the real America, the 
working America that struggles to make ends meet; that which faces daily 
hardship, immobilizing fear and scarcity of trust, and leads people, in 
Frank Wycoff's words, to set their principles aside. As Philip Greenspan 
points out, this scared and paralyzed society gave the Bush administration 
carte blanche, but other countries have responded in more creative ways in 
the past and are taking different directions now. Scott Orlovsky cuts to 
the chase poetically regarding all of the above: Say No to Capitalism!

As always, please form your OWN opinion, and let your friends (and foes) 
know about Swans.


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