[Marxism] Re: Petras vs Harnecker

Peter McLaren mclaren at gseis.ucla.edu
Sun Mar 28 23:19:30 MST 2004

Rebelion.org also has a "Petras page" and a "Chomsky page."

As for the Science and Society article, is it online?


Dear José:

Here is the address to the current issue, although it does not appear to be
available online:


Editorial Perspectives:     The Present as Theory
Leftist Goals and the Debate over Anti-Neoliberal Strategy in Latin America
Steve Ellner

ABSTRACT: Three strategies emerged in the 1990s in Latin America in the
struggle against neoliberalism: Jorge Castañeda's approach which assigns
centrists a key role; the strategy associated with Marta Harnecker in which
the left prioritizes anti-neoliberalism; and the strategy defended by James
Petras in which anti-neoliberal demands do not overshadow anti-imperialism
or anti-capitalist struggles. The experiences in Venezuela (Rafael Caldera),
Argentina (Fernando de la Rua), Chile (Ricardo Lagos) and Mexico (Vicente
Fox), where Castañeda's strategy was put to practice, demonstrate that
anti-neoliberal goals are blurred when centrists dominate the governing
coalition. The cases of Hugo Chávez in Venezuela and "Lula" in Brazil put in
evidence the influence of the "national bourgeoisie, organized labor and the
marginalized sectors on the directions that anti-neoliberal governments
take. Contrary to Petras's thinking, non-leftist leaders and organizations
were essential in the rise to power of Chávez and Lula and in their
responses to initial challenges.

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