[Marxism] Replying to Phil

James Daly james.irldaly at ntlworld.com
Mon Mar 29 09:32:38 MST 2004

Philip's patently factually accurate position could be summed up in
his statement to Donal about the Irish situation:
Your leadership is in a coalition government with the loyalists,
administering neo-colonial rule for British imperialism in Ireland and
you claim this in no way contradicts Connolly.
Donal's disingenuous reply is:
Again, as I said, you are in a timewarp. SF aren't in Govt at all.
My answer: That is hardly for the want of trying!!!
Philip's unanswerable challenge is:
Show me where Connolly tried to unite with the national bourgeoisie,
show me where he collaborated with loyalists in administering
partition, show me where he did deals with British imperialism and
helped run neo-colonialism for them.
Donal's irrelevant reply is:
Of course, there was no partition at the time of Connolly so that
wasn't appropriate. Neither was there any neocolonialism only British
Donal claims that the SF of 1916 could probably be termed
revolutionary bourgeois nationalist. But in fact its leader Arthur
Griffith's political aim was a dual (Anglo-Irish) monarchy on the
Austro-Hungarian model.  Griffith's Sinn Fein was only transformed
when De Valera approached it in 1917 to form a party to fight the 1918
He says:
Just because Connolly totally hated the Redmondites - it didn't mean
he didn't have problems with the bourgeois-nationalist Sinn Fein of
the day [does he mean IRB, Fenians?]. It didn't stop him physically
fighting alongside these guys (many of whom would later lead a
bourgeois neocolonial Ireland).
As Philip would be well aware, that is why he told the Irish Citizen
Army to prepare to hold onto its weapons!
As to the charge
 "You seem totally incapable of dialectical analysis",
the (of which I too have have been at the receiving end from Donal):
[:-( not intended] -- well, that is just water off a duck's back until
it is explained what it means.  If this is a clue to what it means:
Bertie Aherne is merely repeating what Paisley said yesterday. They
have jumped into bed with reactionary Loyalism and Unionism. We had to
go into coalition with them to expose them. Again, you appear to have
no inkling of the dialectics of struggle.
 -- well, all I can say is that the dialectical bed is getting pretty



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