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The charge about Phil's and my not understanding dialectics seems to
boil down to not understanding that history is a process. On the
contrary I would say that it is abundantly clear that history is a

Partition is a process. When it began, everybody from King George V of
England through Sir Edward Carson to Winston Churchill publicly said
it could not last, that Ulster was too small to survive, that Ireland
was a natural unit, and that they looked forward to and hoped for a
united Ireland. (See Frank Gallagher, The Indivisible Island, London,
Gollancz, 1957). The Belfast pre-partition Ulster Hall, lately the
scene of loyalist military rallies presided over by Unionist
politicians, is decorated with the coats of arms of the four
provinces, Ulster, Leinster, Munster and Connaught, which are a
reminder of a time long gone when the progenitors of those at such
rallies would have called themselves Irish, a fact which is almost
incredible nowadays. 80 plus years of partition have turned a
truncated province into a colony.

In the truncated partition statelet now a calling itself Ireland and
the Republic of Ireland, its two main parties styled themselves "The
United Ireland Party" and "The Republican Party". But it has passed
from having a popular anti-partition political campaign to conceding
extradition of political prisoners, to abandoning its claim to
nationstate-hood for the island of Ireland (Articles 2 and 3 of its
constitution), to (its current Minister for Justice's) comparing the
relation of Sinn Fein to the IRA to that of the Brownshirts to Hitler.
This process (a "dialectic"?) was predicted by the executed Republican
Liam Mellowes: "If you accept the Free State you will never see the

What is different about the present process (dialectic)? It seems to
be rather a continuation and development of the first one.

Donal seems to be fetishising expanding membership. Well, the grand
old Duke of York, he had 10,000 men.



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