[Marxism] Inquiry: Foucault and the French left atmosphere in the 60-70s

joonas laine jjonas at nic.fi
Mon Mar 29 14:05:04 MST 2004

Me and a friend were discussing Michel Foucault, and started wondering
about the political atmosphere and context of the France of his time,
especially of the French left where F was situated, I guess.. but
neither of us knew anything about it, so I thought that maybe on
this list (where I have been lurking for some time) there might be
people who could have some insights.

Being rather young (25) I have practically no coherent views on the
general European left of that time (or of any time), let alone that
of particular countries (I'll try to figure out the Finnish one
first), so I'm not able to formulate very precise questions, but
anyway here goes:

- what was the general political atmosphere like in the 60-70
  (or would therer be a better time frame)?
- especially on the left: what was the PCF like? what other
  relevant movements or parties there were on the left?
- how did the French left (and PCF) compare to that of other
  western European countries?
- etc

Feel free to elaborate as much as you like. Any views on Foucault
are welcome as well..

jjonas @ nic.fi

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