[Marxism] Re: The Militant and Who Cares?

Jose G. Perez elgusanorojo at bellsouth.net
Mon Mar 29 23:54:14 MST 2004

Lueko writes: "I think the fact of being organized and having
established the material foundations of organisation is an conquest and
value in and by itself, and it is vital to keep up this organisation."

I could agree with this a) if it were the right *kind* of organization
to begin with; and b) if it were sufficiently conscious and flexible to
adapt itself to new and evolving situations. Or, at the very least, if
the group(s) in question had shown a real capacity in life to learn and

I am not, by a long shot, a critic of having a political organization as
such. But I am very much a critic of the kinds of political
organizations that tended to be most prominent on the "far" or
"revolutionary" left of the imperialist countries and many colonial and
semi-colonial countries in the second half of the XX Century,
specifically those that considered themselves to be modeled on the

I think there was something fundamentally wrong in the very core concept
that each of the different groups had that there was something
qualitatively special and unique about the specific group. It is this
especially that forces me to draw a fundamentally negative balance sheet
on those experiences taken as a whole despite a number of positive


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