[Marxism] JRR Tolkien: Ecosystems of Middle Earth

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Anker, Peder. 2001. Imperial Ecology: Environmental Order in the British Empire,
1895-1945 (Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press).

79-80: In 1927, Tansley finally won a professorship at Oxford.  In his inaugural
lecture, he proposed that the ecologists should focus their attention on the colonies
because of the enormous job opportunities there.

80: According to Tansley, "It was urgent for the department to develop imperial
ecology:  most economic support would come from the colonies, and most future posts
in agriculture, forestry physiology, mycology, ecology, and pastoral science would
emerge in the colonial administration ....  The most common task for such ecological
entrepreneurs throughout the empire was to transform forests to farmland, deserts to
grassland, thus creating environments fit for various colonial interest groups ....
Ecology was an ideal science for such activity because its main concern was precisely
transformation or succession of landscapes.  Tansley also envisioned an academic
network that included forestry, agriculture, and zoology under the wings of ecology."

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