[Marxism] Style before substance

Chris Brady cdbrady at sbcglobal.net
Wed Mar 31 01:35:35 MST 2004

Some will want to know more about this image, what it means, and then
Pandora's boxed.  The mass production of the icon of Che is positive.

P.S.: Tyson also has a tattoo portrait of Mao.  (Let's hope Iron Mike
isn't a trend-setter in everything he does.)  Argentinian soccer star
Diego Maradona has a tattoo, too, of the Argentine Doctor Guevara;
identical image: from the Korda foto.  Maybe they have the same tatto
but for different reasons.  

A pair of martyrs walked into the Department Motor Vehicles.  I saw a
Mexican guy wearing a Che T-shirt with an exaggerated airbrushed
improvisation off the iconic logo.  The star in the beret had waxed into
a sunburst, gone nova, almost a halo.  And it was very colorful, too,
not just red and black.  His friend had on a shirt with the face of
Emiliano Zapata.

Years ago I worked with a young Salvadoran student who had inheritted a
trove of tomes by, on or about Che Guevara, all in Spanish.  His father
had been associated with the "rebels" in some way.  The young man said
he was shot and killed in Chicago, but no details were forthcoming.  He
resented his father in some hard-to-define way.  He also didn't seem to
be very well-informed about what Che fought for, why he died.  To this
youth, as he told me, the defiant Che was impressive because "he had

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