[Marxism] Style before substance

Ren modernity22 at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 31 04:38:34 MST 2004

Che, as an image, has become a commodified icon like
an Elvis for socialism, except those who wear his
image probably don't know socialism from their elbow.

Apropos of your post, here is a piece that expands on


--- Chris Brady <cdbrady at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> Some will want to know more about this image, what
> it means, and then
> Pandora's boxed.  The mass production of the icon of
> Che is positive.
> P.S.: Tyson also has a tattoo portrait of Mao. 
> (Let's hope Iron Mike
> isn't a trend-setter in everything he does.) 
> Argentinian soccer star
> Diego Maradona has a tattoo, too, of the Argentine
> Doctor Guevara;
> identical image: from the Korda foto.  Maybe they
> have the same tatto
> but for different reasons.  
> A pair of martyrs walked into the Department Motor
> Vehicles.  I saw a
> Mexican guy wearing a Che T-shirt with an
> exaggerated airbrushed
> improvisation off the iconic logo.  The star in the
> beret had waxed into
> a sunburst, gone nova, almost a halo.  And it was
> very colorful, too,
> not just red and black.  His friend had on a shirt
> with the face of
> Emiliano Zapata.
> Years ago I worked with a young Salvadoran student
> who had inheritted a
> trove of tomes by, on or about Che Guevara, all in
> Spanish.  His father
> had been associated with the "rebels" in some way. 
> The young man said
> he was shot and killed in Chicago, but no details
> were forthcoming.  He
> resented his father in some hard-to-define way.  He
> also didn't seem to
> be very well-informed about what Che fought for, why
> he died.  To this
> youth, as he told me, the defiant Che was impressive
> because "he had
> cojones."
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