[Marxism] This is so pathetic

lshan at bcn.net lshan at bcn.net
Wed Mar 31 19:45:04 MST 2004

Mike Allen and Dan Eggen
The Washington Post

"President Bush reversed himself ... and agreed to permit ... Condoleezza
Rice to testify.
"Capitulating on a second point, Bush said he would submit to questions in a
private session with all 10 commissioners, backing off his previous demand
to meet only with Chairman Thomas Kean and Vice Chairman Lee Hamilton.

"Bush added a new restriction by saying he would appear only with Vice
President Dick Cheney at his side. "

This is so pathetic. Even after three years in office, he needs his
guide-dog beside him. He spent his youth partying. He only reads what his
handlers pre-digest for him. What else can he do?

from Brian Shannon

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