[Marxism] The Jesus Factor

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Sat May 1 05:43:15 MDT 2004

The materialist conception of history starts from the principle that 
production and, next to production, the exchange of things produced, is the basis of 
every social order; that in every society that has appeared in history, the 
distribution of wealth and with it the division of society into classes or 
estates are dependent upon what is produced, how it is produced, and how the 
products are exchanged. Accordingly, the ultimate causes of all social changes and 
political revolutions are to be sought, not in men's brains, not in their 
growing insight into eternal truth and justice, but in changes in the modes of 
production and exchange. They are to be sought, not in the philosophy, but in the 
economics of each particular epoch. The growing recognition that existing 
social institutions are irrational and unjust, that reason has become unreason, and 
kindness a scourge, is only a sign that changes in the modes of production 
and exchange have silently been taking place with which the social order adapted 
to earlier economic conditions is no longer in keeping. From this it also 
follows that the means of eliminating the abuses that have been brought to light 
must also be present, in a more or less developed condition, within the 
changed relations of production themselves. These means are not to be invented out 
of one's brain, but discovered by the brain in the existing material facts of 

Frederick Engels


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